We don’t want to bore you but we think this stuff is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to get right and we want everything we do to be accountable to you so you can buy with a clear conscience.

We will answer ANY questions you send us about our ethics 👇🏽




Did you know that roughly one in every six humans across the planet is somehow involved in the clothing industry? It’s HUGE. And, sadly there’s an awful lot of harm done to the people who make clothes. We think this should stop.

Our clothing is made by some lovely people in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. In 2016, the 100% wind and solar powered factory where our clothing is produced won the FairWear Foundation Best Practice award for implementing a living wage project, to improve on the legal minimum wage used as an absolute requirement. Also, after being independently audited it scored as a 'leader' in performance overview based on its adoption of stringent living wage and freedom of association laws. Overtime is obviously voluntary, and 60% of employees choose not to take on overtime as their contractual salary is ample.

All of our clothing is FairWear accredited and audited independently to meet standards advocated by the Ethical Trading Initiative and International Labour Organisation.



All our fabrics and dyes are PETA vegan approved.


Did you know that the largest wave of recorded suicides in human history is happening in India. Since 2002, when GMO cotton was introduced by Monsanto, the number of suicides - especially among cotton farmers - has surged, culminating in 17,638 deaths in 2009 alone (the year that NYU School of Law published their findings). That equates to a farmer committing suicide every 30 minutes due to debt accumulation after being sold GMO crops with elusive benefits [1]. This has become a sad trend and one that is largely ignored.

Organic cotton farming means no GMO and exorbitantly priced cotton seeds. It means savings and more control for Indian farmers and it also means more profit for their work. Alongside this, it also protects animals and the environment from the use of harsh pesticides, as well as your skin when the cotton has been made into clothing.

Sustainable, low-impact, organic farming is just one aspect of the ethics behind our clothing but one that we believe is imperative for a kind future.


TENCEL® is the botanic fibre Lyocell made by the Lenzing Group who were rated ‘number one in the world for sustainable wood sourcing’ by the Canadian non-profit environmental organisation Canopy Planet Society. TENCEL® itself was awarded the European Award for the Environment by the EU for its groundbreaking closed-loop process as well as the OEKO-TEX® Sustainability Award.

TENCEL® uses either wood pulp (wood chips + water) from sustainably managed forests (FSC® or PEFC™ certified) or recycled cotton fabric waste, making this fibre phenomenally resource efficient. This is then dissolved in a non-toxic, organic, recovered and reused solvent (almost 100%!) before it is extruded through holes to create TENCEL® lyocell fibres.

Somehow the end product is a fabric that is softer than silk, cooler than linen, and has advanced moisture management that wicks water away from your skin.

[1]  https://chrgj.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Farmer-Suicides.pdf




- Our organic cotton is grown in India.

- Our TENCEL® is created in Europe.


- Tamil Nadu, Southern India.


- Blackburn, UK.


- Exeter, UK.




Our clothing is almost entirely “Climate Neutral”, certified by the Carbon Trust Certifications in the UK, up until our eco-friendly printing process.

The factory in Tamil Nadu where our clothing is sewn and dyed is 100% powered by solar and wind energy.


We use inks that contain no toxins or animal by-products of any kind. They are also water-based and 100% biodegradable, are safe for children, and are OEKO-TEX® certified. Also, by using a waterless direct-to-garment printer we use the most eco-friendly process available.


The clear bags that our garments are folded in are biodegradable within 6 - 24 months once in the ground.

Our postal bags which protect your order from the British weather are 100% recyclable and also made from 100% recycled materials.

In some cases, your garments will come directly from our design studio in Devon, in which case the packaging we use is:

- Carbon neutral brown paper wrap.

- 100% recycled tissue paper.

- 100% recycled packing tape.