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veggies don't scream sweatshirt.

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For our sweatshirts, we’ve opted for 100% combed Organic Cotton to create a classy garment that also feels great next to your skin.  Sustainable, low-impact farming is just one aspect of the ethics behind our clothing which is created through a “Climate Neutral” process to bring you quality and style, that doesn’t cost your conscience.

  • 100% combed Organic Cotton
  • Ethically and Sustainably sourced
  • Produced with renewable Wind and Solar energy
  • Low-impact Organic farming
  • No forced or child labour
  • Made from botanic origin
  • Inks are water-based, non-toxic, and 100% biodegradable
  • Printed using the most eco-friendly printing method - a waterless direct-to-garment process

 Unisex Brushed 3-ply 8.3 oz/ 280g



It has long been established that animals feel pain because they have a central nervous system, like us.  Plants do not, however ardently some meat-eaters would wish it so.  Following this line of thought, Richard Dawkins theorises how, biologically speaking, pain is inversely causal to intelligence.

“There’s absolutely no reason as far as I can see why a non-human animal - a dog, or a chimpanzee or a cow - should be any less capable of feeling pain than we can.  […] Since pain is there to warn the animal not to ‘do that again,’ an animal which is a slow learner, an animal which is not particularly intelligent, might actually need more intense pain in order to deter it from ‘doing that again’ than a human, who is intelligent enough to learn quickly not to ‘do that again.’  So, it’s even possible that non-human animals are capable of feeling more intense pain than we are.”

Be part of the change.

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